Why I Quit Microdosing LSD

Is microdosing worth all the hype? Some psychonauts say no, arguing in favor of less frequent (macro)doses.
Erica Avey // Feb. 19, 2020

I began microdosing in April of 2017 with 15 micrograms of 1P-LSD every three days. 1P, the acid analogue, was legal at the time in Germany, where I had been living and working as an American expatriate. Prior, I tried acid once in college—a case of the giggles-turned-eeriness in Golden Gate Park—but after a microdosing seminar in Berlin, hosted by the German Psychedelic Society, I was convinced that microdosing could mitigate my depression. 

A few days following the talk I microdosed for the first time. Months of depression immediately lifted away. It redirected my focus, allowing me to notice things I hadn’t before: the ripples in the Landwehr canal, the steam from my morning bun. I wasn’t high, I didn’t appear to be high, but I felt more comfortable. My mind wasn’t down its usual route: particular fixations and negative ideations. This was different, more light. A way of being I immediately liked.

I began microdosing regularly for the next eight months………………>> READ MORE.

Origianally published in Doubleblind Magazine.

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    1. Hi, Terry.
      In the end you can press >>READ MORE. You will be able to read the whole blog on Doubleblind Magazine.

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