Why I Quit Microdosing LSD

Is microdosing worth all the hype? Some psychonauts say no, arguing in favour of less frequent (macro)doses.
Erica Avey // Feb. 19, 2020

I began microdosing in April of 2017 with 15 micrograms of 1P-LSD every three days. 1P, the acid analogue, was legal at the time in Germany, where I had been living and working as an American expatriate. Prior, I tried acid once in college—a case of the giggles-turned-eeriness in Golden Gate Park—but after a microdosing seminar in Berlin, hosted by the German Psychedelic Society, I was convinced that microdosing could mitigate my depression. 

A few days following the talk I microdosed for the first time. Months of depression immediately lifted away. It redirected my focus, allowing me to notice things I hadn’t before: the ripples in the Landwehr canal, the steam from my morning bun. I wasn’t high, I didn’t appear to be high, but I felt more comfortable. My mind wasn’t down its usual route: particular fixations and negative ideations. This was different, more light. A way of being I immediately liked.

I began microdosing regularly for the next eight months………………>> READ MORE.

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    1. Hi, Terry.
      In the end you can press >>READ MORE. You will be able to read the whole blog on Doubleblind Magazine.

    1. You are right. Thanks for noticing it. For some reason the website who published the blog is offline. I will contact the writer of this blog to ask for the whole story.

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