OPEN THE DOORS mini conference


The platform is creating the first mini-conference dedicated to microdosing: OPEN THE DOORS. This all-afternoon event focusses on current research, the working mechanisms of microdosing and its implications for health and personal transformation.

But more so, OPEN THE DOORS promises to be an inspiring gathering for the fast-growing circle of enthusiasts: researchers, psychologists, personal development experts, harm-reduction professionals, those new to microdosing and those who’ve microdosed extensively. All will be there to connect and share experiences and insights. You can imagine how excited we all are.

Are you joining?

An afternoon dedicated to connecting, inspiration, research and insight.

An open space where the microdosing community shares knowledge, maps the unknown and collectively looks forward. Meet everyone in this fresh circle and join the conversation!


Save the date: Sunday 10 June

Mirror Centre Amsterdam

Tickets available soon!

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