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Microdosing.nl Newsletter Juli 2020

With turbulent energies sweeping through the world, we’re experiencing extraordinary times. This brings about the need to stay present and centred, with yourself and your community. Then comes the invitation to ask deeper questions, such as What are my values, what are my needs? How can I best support and nurture myself and those who are dear to me?

Microdosing.nl has not been immune to change. Although we’ve not been able to organise events and workshops, in many other ways our work with this community is now more impactful than ever. More on that in this newsletter.

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Thank you for your trust and support Jakobien & Hein

Dutch microdosing pioneers join forces with Flow State Worldwide

On June 24, we released a press release about our new partnership with Flow State Worldwide, a California corporation. This strategic partnership includes FreshMushrooms LTD, Microdose NL, and the Microdosing Institute (Microdosing.nl), all three headquartered in the Netherlands, on the cultivation, processing, manufacturing, distribution, and e-commerce sales of microdosing XP truffles in Europe.

Microdosing XP truffles are developed by truffle grower Hans Grootewal, who’s been providing our partner webshops since early 2019. Through this partnership, Microdosingtruffles.com is able to give our microdosing community a fair price and sponsor our research projects. You support our mission by purchasing your microdosing XP truffles on their site

Microdosing San Pedro (mescaline) Research Study

Neuropsychology and Psychopharmacology; Maastricht University

Team Microdosing.nl is proud to present a new research project in collaboration with the University of Maastricht. In this research project, we will study the effects of teacher plant San Pedro Cactus on mental wellbeing and memory

Would you like to participate?

The University of Maastricht has started a study regarding the effects of San Pedro (Mescaline) microdosing on mental wellbeing and memory. For this study, we seek males and females who intend to start microdosing with mescaline on own initiative. Maastricht University does not provide substances for this study! Check out our partner webshop Microdose.nl for more information about San Pedro cacti.

New: Our Microdosing 10-week Program

In collaboration with the Hidde Schröder of the Vista+ Foundation, we are conducting research into the therapeutic effects and applications of microdosing psilocybin. Are you curious what natural microdosing with Microdosing XP truffles can do for you? Join us on this unique 10-week guided group program and research in one.

This 10-week guided microdosing trajectory is designed to achieve the maximum results from your microdosing experience. You keep track of your changes, have regular check-ins with our coaches and remain in close contact with the other participants.

Hidde’s Microdosing Story: From limitations to possibilities

“In October 2018 I had a severe accident and broke the bottom vertebrae of my neck. The doctors at the hospital said if it was less than an inch closer to my spine I would probably be paralyzed, the chances of a full recovery would be very slim.

The following months of recovery I was advised to rest for at least 20 hours a day and had to wear a brace around my neck 24/7. After a month of Netflix and bombarding myself with mostly pessimistic thoughts, I started to lose all hope and became somewhat desperate: “Will the rest of my life looks like this..? Will I ever be able to go skiing or play sports again!? Will I still be able to have sex..?!!” Etcetera.

With no positive outlook on the future and not being able to work (as a massage therapist among several other jobs and projects), I was on my way slipping into what felt like a real depression…..”

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