Microdosing Survey Study (Imperial College London)

Instituut: The Beckley/Imperial Research Programme

Status: Deelnemers gezocht

Imperial College is voorloper op het gebied van Psychedelics studies. Hun team doet een aantal verschillende onderzoeken naar microdosing. Eén daarvan is volledig op enquêtes gebaseerd. Als microdoser vul je in totaal 9 enquêtes in, dat doe je voor, tijdens en na je microdosing experiment. De substanties waarmee je kunt deelnemen zijn: psilocybin, LSD/1P-LSD, ayahuasca, AL-LAD, salvia divinorum, DMT, 5-MeO-DMT, iboga/ibogaine of mescaline.

Microdosing Survey study – All you need to know from Kenneth Jønck on Vimeo.

Korte beschrijving van het onderzoek:

The Microdosing Survey Study is being run by the Psychedelic Research Group at Imperial College London, led by Professor David Nutt and Dr Robin Carhart-Harris. The aim of this project is to collect data on the process of microdosing a classic psychedelic substance (i.e. psilocybin, LSD/1P-LSD, ayahuasca, AL-LAD, salvia divinorum, DMT, 5-MeO-DMT, iboga/ibogaine or mescaline). Specifically, we aim to use online questionnaires to collect relevant data at different time points, about one week before, once a week during your microdosing experience (preferably 4-6 weeks), 6 weeks after and 6 and 12 months after the begin your experience. If you intend to microdose longer than 4-6 weeks, you are still eligible to take part.

Deze onderzoeken zijn van grote betekenis voor de toekomst van microdosing:

The data we collect from this study will help to advance the scientific understanding of microdosing psychedelics, including how this experience can lead to the best possible outcomes. Further we intend to collect important information about best practice, safer use and harm reduction. The project has the potential to help develop future controlled studies on psychedelics in terms of microdosing, including clinical trials. We greatly appreciate the time you dedicate to this project. The data you provide is very valuable to us. We protect your anonymity, as no personally identifying information will be collected and we will not collect your IP address. As the Microdosing Survey Study is web-based, internet access is required. We further want to inform you that you will receive the results of the study as soon as the data is analysed.


Ga direct naar de site https://microdosingsurvey.com/ om deel te nemen:

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    I would love to learn more about the results of your research.
    I have suffered from depression for a long time and would love to learn how to manage this debilitating problem more effectively

    Any help would be wonderful.

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