Microdosing LSD & Psilocybin and its effects on the mental health

Anisha Larsson, a Swedish Psychology student at Uppsala University in Sweden performed a survey based study to investigate the effects and adverse effects on mental health of micro-dosing LSD and Psilocybin.

Mental health

This study is the first to incorporate the aspect of (self) diagnosed mental conditions amongst microdosers. Her survey results are the first data since James Fadiman presented his first data from analyzing his 1800 reports. She has shared her findings exclusively on our website. Thanks to everyone who filled out her survey!

Interview with Anisha 

In our interview we had with Anisha in June 2018, she explains what effect microdosing has on the mental health of the 201 participants who participated in her survey.


Move your cursor on the slider to scroll through the results from this study.

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