The Influence of Microdosing Psychedelics on Mood and Cognition of Females Who Microdose (part 1)

Introduction and purpose

The Microdosing Institute ( is proud to present another online Microdosing Research project. In collaboration with the Department of Neuropsychology and Psychopharmacology of the Maastricht University, The Microdosing Institute will be assisting Charlotte Schiewe and Kim Kuypers in this online Microdosing study about the Influence of Microdosing Psychedelics on Mood and Cognition of females who microdose. (PMS, premenstrual syndrome). This is part 1 of the study and will take between 10-15 minutes of your time. You are able to sign up for part 2 during the first part. This study will be conducted in ENGLISH only.

Recently we have completed a survey to understand why people microdose psychedelics, meaning why people repeatedly intake 1/10th of a regular dose of psychedelics. Findings showed that frequently stated motives were to enhance specific behavior or emotions and to self-medicate for a psychiatric of physiological condition. While this already provided valuable insights, we now want to zoom in on the effects of microdosing in females. To understand what their specific motives are and second to understand who these females are in terms of demographics (age, education, hobbies) and their effects.
If you choose to participate in this study, please carefully read the information, and take time to reflect if you want to participate.

Selection of participants

Since we want to assess the effect of microdosing with psychedelics, you can only participate if you are female and microdose regularly.

The researchers are not encouraging people to microdose psychedelics. Participants will have to take part based on their own initiative and they will have to use their own substance. So The Maastricht University will ‘not’ provide psychedelic substances and don’t answer questions about the use of psychedelics.

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Voluntary participation

You have the right to decline from participation and withdraw from the study at any time without providing any reasons. This will not have any negative consequences.

Procedure in general terms

After you agreed to participate in this study, we ask you to fill out questionnaires to acquire general information about you and your motives behind microdosing. Afterwards, you can still decide whether you want to continue with a follow-up study. Information will be provided at the end of this questionnaire and participation is voluntary.

The first questionnaire will take between 10-15 minutes of your time. You can pause the questionnaire and resume answering at your convenience.

Personal data

For this study, personal data about you will be used and stored by Maastricht University. This concerns the following data:
Email and age on the informed consent form,
Drug use (questionnaire),
Health-related data: we will ask whether you have had a diagnosis for a psychiatric or physiological disorder; you are not forced to answer this.
To protect your privacy, your personal data (name) will not be linked to the other data. Data will be anonymized so they cannot be traced back to you personally in any way. See below for the privacy statement concerning the use of your personal data and your rights.

Risks and Discomforts

We do not foresee any risks or discomforts related to this study. However, because not much research has yet been done into the potentially harmful effects of psychedelics, we cannot rule out that using these substances can negatively affect you in the short or long term. The university cannot be held liable for possible adverse effects or inconveniences arising from the use of psychedelics on your own initiative.


By participating in this study, you can help to increase the understanding and motives behind microdosing. Your experience is very important and valuable for further research.

Contact details

If you have any questions regarding the study or participation, please contact:
Marble-thesis student: Charlotte Schiewe
Responsible researcher: Kim Kuypers

If you have any questions regarding microdosing guidance or coaching, please contact: email:

If you have any questions regarding products and substances, please contact: email:

Privacy statement

You can withdraw your consent to the use of your personal data at any time. In that case, personal data and research data will be deleted if possible. See for more information about your rights the document Personal information and privacy on the website under Fast Facts.
For questions about the processing of your personal data please contact first the responsible researcher (see above). You can also contact the Data Protection Officer of Maastricht University at

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  1. Hello. I been thinking of microdosing but I need a little extra info. I have on the DRUG MIRTAZAPINE for a couple of years to help with my anxiety /depression. It helps and I only take 1 tablet (15mg) nightly. But having read that the possible side effects can lead to dementia. Having read on different occasions the possible help from truffles I’ve decided to try this route. If I do should I stop taking the medication, or slowly ween off it? My G. P. Says he doesn’t know enough to give any advice on the subject. Obviously you must have similar experience with others on this so I’d like to hear from you soon. Thanks in advance, David Hardman.

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