Microdosing Iboga: Report, Experience and Thoughts

Ella and John, owners of the website Crazy Indigos first posted John’s experience report on microdosing iboga. John wanted to find out how much it could help him to distance himself from recurring thoughts and the emotional reactivity they provoked. This is his story.


The purpose of taking iboga was to work on emotional and behavioral patterns as well as treating mild depression. I first took a flood dose at a ceremony for a “reset” effect in order to kickstart the journey and started microdosing with iboga two weeks after the ceremony once I could not feel the iboga actively working anymore. I was looking to see if I could crack some unresolved emotional issues that were leading me into negative thought patterns. Iboga is a good addiction and habit breaker as it flushes through the neural pathways and weakens established bonds so that the brain can be reprogrammed this is due to the active ingredient “ibogaine”. I was interested to see how much it could help me distance myself from recurring thoughts and the emotional reactivity they provoked. 

Experiment With Microdosing Iboga

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