microdosing coaching

Microdosing coach: Adriá Montesinos

Hi, I'm Adriá Montesinos Anadón

I am an Integrative Transpersonal Therapist and Certified Microdosing Facilitator. Since my first encounter with medicinal plants 10 years ago, I have worked both personally and by guiding other people to deepen the path of self-development and healing through expanded states of consciousness.
In recent years I have been traveling to different places in Latin America to deepen the ancestral knowledge of medicines such as Ayahuasca and San Pedro with local communities from the Andes to the Amazon. I have helped to build coaching protocols with organizations such as Microhuasca (Peru) and I have collaborated with Psycare on transformational festivals like Own Spirit Festival (Spain).
One of my goals is to guide you to connect and explore your potential and resources that can help you to incorporate more awareness into your life. Navigating consciously through different dimensions (body, mind, emotion, and spirit) you can find alignment, presence, meaning, and clarity in your life.
I consider holistic and integrative guidance as a path to diving deeper into your personal search and also a way that in my personal development helped me to healthy release emotions, connect deeper with my intuition and joy, and find balance.

My approach to microdosing coaching

I open a safe, close, respectful, and non-judgmental space. These are spaces where the person can share from authenticity and vulnerability those aspects that we explore in the sessions and feel supported and contained during the therapeutic and coaching process.
I use different approaches and tools like visualizations, meditations, the use of music and breathwork, integration techniques for expanded states of consciousness, coaching and Gestalt tools, bodywork, and music therapy according to the person’s needs.
The integral vision has led me to find a work method that adapts the ancestral cosmovision with western society. Personally, microdosing has helped me to go through a stage of change and vital difficulty, although what surprised me was finding a way to work with master plants integrated into daily life and exploring the potential of the coaching and therapeutic process with an ally.

Type of coaching: transformational and integrative coaching

Certification: Transpersonal Therapist (ITI), Certified Microdosing Facilitator, Communication (Advertising & PR)

Type of clients

  • People who are going through new stages and vital changes
  • People who are going through stagnation, changes in habits and behaviors
  • People who are looking for support in their personal and spiritual development
  • People with life crises and loss of vital meaning
  • People who want to connect with intuition, clarity and joy
  • People who need integration for experiences with expanded states of consciousness

Type of guidance: Focused on a transpersonal and integrative vision, I understand the human being as part of the whole which develops from different areas. In the sessions, I use various techniques to help the person to connect, explore and integrate in a balanced way those aspects necessary for healthy development.

If you want to learn more about me, check my website: www.adriamontesinos.com

Languages: English, Spanish and Catalan

Location: Ibiza, Barcelona (Spain), or online via Zoom/Google Meets