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6-Weken Microdosing Programma

A guided, online microdosing program that is tailored to help you achieve positive momentum for the next step on your unique, personal well-being journey.

Unlike other microdosing coaching services, this program centers around facilitator and community support, peer-monitoring, and active integration. During 6 weeks, you will receive and internalize all the tools, knowledge and support needed to ensure that your microdosing experience is optimally effective in helping you identify and bring to life an impactful intention – ultimately leading to improved health and well-being.


  • Duration: 6 weeks
  • Live sessions on Zoom: Weekly on Saturdays at 16.00 Central European time (convert to your timezone). You will receive the recordings.
  • Language: English
  • Next editions start on:
    • October 10, 2022 – Apply now
    • January 16, 20223 – Apply now
This online program is built on the groundbreaking work from pioneering microdosing researcher, psychologist and author James Fadiman, PhD and the facilitation framework developed by the team of therapists and microdosing experts at Microhuasca in Peru. This framework is  designed to allow you to fully harness the potential of microdosing through community, personalized support and powerful integration tools.  Application is now open to individuals and professionals worldwide who have legal access to psilocybin-containing sacred earth medicines, such as (self-sourced) mushrooms or truffles. Substance is not provided by Microdosing Institute or the facilitators. If you are a professional (coach, therapist, health worker, researcher) aspiring to incorporate microdosing into your work or offerings, you will also be eligible to apply for enrollment into the Certification Training for Microdosing Professionals after your completion of this 6-week Microdosing Program.
Quote from Dr. James Fadiman - I am excited to see this organization

Why we created this program

Microdosing psychedelics has become well-known for positive benefits reported by people from all over the world, such as mood elevation, better sleep, improved focus, increased feelings of connection and presence, to name a few. From a holistic viewpoint, it opens individuals to healing and growth that can be sensed and observed in at least four different dimensions: the physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual. In this program, you will embark on a guided, multidimensional microdosing experience that is tailored to help you achieve positive momentum on your unique and personal well-being journey.  Today, psychedelic scientists and therapists at the forefront of their professional field consider microdosing with professional guidance a radical innovation for mental health and personal development. This powerful combination differs from conventional pharmacology in that it  not only alleviates symptoms, but also works to heal the root of problems and personal challenges.  But this is not all – sacred earth medicines used for microdosing come from ancestral traditions that have been preserved over centuries by indigenous peoples, long before Western culture ‘discovered’ their qualities. This implies a great degree of responsibility to integrate their use with reciprocity and respect into today’s culture. This is a commitment that we will assume together in this program to lay responsible foundations based on the ancestral knowledge for the world.
hands holding dried psilocybin mushrooms

What can you expect to gain from the program?

A microdose of psilocybin is typically an amount between 2,5% and 12,5% of a full (ceremonial/macro) dose. The effects are subtle, which allow you to go about your day normally, while progressively assimilating the benefits. Throughout this 6-week program, you will be closely guided in your microdosing process with a strong emphasis on the following elements:
  • Microdosing fundamentals from both the ancestral worldview and modern science
  • Intention setting, self-monitoring, and converting insights into newfound values and positive action towards bringing your intention to life
  • Peer-to-peer support that involves actively supporting others and being supported simultaneously
  • Integration and self-care practices such as meditation, music, breathwork, and  journaling
  • Gaining first-hand experience as a microdosing facilitator*
Many participants have recognized this program to be equivalent to years of counseling, meditation or multiple plant medicine ceremonies. Upon completing the program, all participants to date have reported they have achieved or are in the process of achieving the intention they set out for themselves at the beginning. *For professionals looking to incorporate microdosing facilitation into their work, this program serves as an introduction and prerequisite to the Certification Training for Microdosing Professionals.

Microdosing as a process of personal evolution

Throughout the program, you will keep a detailed log of your experience. This tracking method is an essential element of the program that helps you tune into the subtle changes of a microdosing practice, take positive action towards reaching your intentions and ensures that you have an optimal microdosing experience. Our partners at Microhuasca have been researching, building and applying safe protocols for ayahuasca microdosing, which unlike conventional pharmacology, shows not only to alleviate symptoms but also work on healing the root of the problems through introspection – and then no longer need to use it. In this program we will share first hand some of what’s been learned and observed by studying over 100 cases facilitated by Microhuasca.
6-week microdosing program

What past participants have to say

Participants share how this experience has impacted them

I loved it! I loved to feel how close we are, how supported and share all our beautiful processes. I was able to understand and accept what I needed to let go, also move ahead listening to myself on a deeper level that provides wellbeing. 

– Claudia, Chile

Having microdosed often before the last 7 years I can say that the monitoring, group communication and journaling has a much higher impact than just using it intuitively or even with a strict protocol. I was skeptical of the calibration process, but it did make a significant difference.

– Rick, The Netherlands

The arc of the program worked well and guided us through our experiences. It was very clear from everyone’s sharing that we had all been through a profound process together that touched each of us deeply. 

– Jennifer, United States

My intention to heal has been accomplished for now, which has enabled me to formulate a new intention for going deeper into the process. I feel also subtly transformed in a pleasant way. All in all, this program has exceeded my expectations for what I can achieve.

– Donca, Portugal

Participants from previous editions share the outcome of their program journey
Participants from Microhuasca’s 6-Week Program share the outcome of their program journey

Who can participate? 

Individuals 18 years or older, based in the Netherlands or elsewhere with legal access to truffles or mushrooms containing psilocybin.  We reserve a number of spots for therapists, coaches, mental health workers, researchers, and other professionals who are looking to expand their field of work towards sacred earth medicines.

Meet your educators and program facilitators

Brittany Lillegard (United States)

Holistic mind-body coach and microdosing coach, lead strategist, and educator at Microdosing Institute
  • Partner of International Microdosing Association (IMA)
  • Certified Wim Hof Instructor
  • Yoga & Meditation Teacher (RYT 200)
  • Movement Facilitator (NASM CPT, Original Strength Systems, FRCms)
  • Psychedelic integration and microdosing coach

Jakobien van der Weijden (The Netherlands)

Co-founder and education coordinator at Microdosing Institute, in charge of liaisons between therapists, microdosers and other professionals
  • Founding member of the International Microdosing Association (IMA)
  • Facilitator at Microhuasca (Peru)
  • Certified Holistic Coach with psychosocial fundamentals (LifeVision Academy, PLATO)
  • Psychedelic guide and integration coach
  • In service of the psychedelic renaissance since 2003 (Synthesis Retreat, OPEN Foundation and Psychedelic Society of the Netherlands)
xochitl ashe

Xochitl Kusikuy Ashe (United States/Mexico)

Fifth Generation Peruvian Medicine woman
  • Teacher, guide and visionary mentor in one-and-one mentorships, workshops, and ceremonies
  • Intergenerational trauma healer with 23-years of apprenticeship under her Godfather, Mazatec Medicine Man of the ancient tradition of healing with the “Nti-si tho”, “Santitos” or Psilocybin mushrooms
  • Professionally trained herbalist and specializes in the ceremonial use of Cacao and Psilocybin Mushrooms
  • Founder of Teona Center for Ancestral Plant Medicine- an Indigenous women owned retreat company, that offers legal Mazatec Psilocybin Mushroom Retreats in Mexico

Hein Pijnnaken (The Netherlands)

Co-founder of Microdosing Institute, in charge of community building, citizen science and liaisons between academic researchers and microdosers
  • Founding member of International Microdosing Association (IMA)
  • Microdosing coach and speaker 
  • Advanced Master Practitioner in Neurolinguistic Programming
  • Psychedelic guide


Investment for the program: 947 (convert to your currency)

Program dates

  • Upcoming start dates:
    • October 10 – Apply now
    • January 16, 2023 – Apply now
  • Live sessions: Every Saturday from 16.00 – 18.30 Central European time (convert to your timezone)
  • Individual sessions: Weekly, suited your schedule

What you’ll receive

During this 6-week intensive program, the educational materials, sharing sessions and assignments correspond to one or more fundamental microdosing perspectives that we process as a group each week:
  • Weekly 2.5-hour Live Facilitated Workshop & Sharing Sessions corresponding to a fundamental microdosing perspective
  • Weekly Reflection Sessions with your Partner-Guide and Facilitator to support you and help you maximize your benefits throughout the process
  • Weekly Videos and Assignments designed to support your active and engaged integration of knowledge and practices
  • Online Personal Logbook / Journal
  • Continuous Access to the group session recordings, educational videos and guides
  • Opportunity to contribute to or collaborate with Microdosing Institute or the International Microdosing Association, for example as a facilitator, monitor, data analyst, coordinator, citizen science collaborator, content creator, etc
For logistical reasons, your microdosing substance is not included in the program fee, but upon registration we can connect you with a trusted vendor in your area.

Program schedule

Video classes, live sessions and practical assignments will thoroughly cover the following topics:

Week 1: Fundamentals of microdosing and the importance of intention

The course experience begins with the fundamentals of microdosing and the exercise of defining your microdosing intention.
  • Microdosing with sacred earth medicines: Introduction to the ancestral worldview (cosmovision), indigenous ancestral practices, contemporary uses and microdosing
  • The importance of monitoring your experience: Setting a baseline, keeping a journal, and consistency 
  • The intention as a starting point: How to understand it, set it, measure it and achieve it; Uncover the intention behind the intention

Week 2: Preparation and facilitation

You will learn, identify and practice with elemental facilitation (coaching) skills to understand your own process and to support a microdosing partner, and you will complement your knowledge with ancestral methods of preparation for self-reflection.
  • Preparation: Preparing yourself physically, emotionally and energetically. Differences between preparation for ceremony and microdosing. Proper attitude towards taking microdoses
  • The 4 dimensions in which microdosing manifests: Physical, Emotional, Cognitive and Spiritual
  • Basic peer-support skills for a Microdosing Facilitator: Working with a partner

Week 3: The journey starts

You will start your microdosing process this week. You will learn how to approach calibration and tracking, and establish a controlled and safe experience for yourself. You will be sharing your observations from this experience with the group, your partner and your facilitator.
  • Set and Setting in the context of microdosing, and other key elements to integrate learnings, insights and experiences 
  • Using the journal as your main tool to document your observations and monitor your progress
  • Calibration week: Threshold, optimal and challenging effects, microdosing protocol and calendar

Week 4: Deep learning

You will be offered the opportunity to embed ancestral foundations to guide you towards the awakening of consciousness through wisdom and personal discipline, and delve into concepts behind the learning process in relation to your microdosing journey.
  • Wisdom and personal discipline for the awakening of consciousness
  • The learning process: How to follow a microdosing process to unlock previously hard-to-reach self-learning spaces
  • Insights-based progress: How to identify and examine revelations and discoveries brought by the microdoses, and how to transform these into useful practice 
  • Citizen science workshop pt 1: Working with case studies

Week 5: Introspection

You will delve into tracking your own progress and that of others. You will work on making your insights useful while identifying and taking concrete actions.
    • Conversation circle: How has my experience manifested itself in my 4 dimensions? How to work on my most valuable insights? How am I analyzing my journal?
    • Research: What scientific literature tells us about microdosing, and how to formulate hypotheses based on journal data and user insights.
    • Citizen science workshop pt 2: Analyzing group patterns

Week 6: Integration

How has microdosing lead to changes, or proposed changes, in your thinking, doing and believing? You will bring the sum of all your discoveries, insights and actions into your day-to-day life. You will develop this integrative work in community, with a particular focus on how you will achieve results that are sustainable over time.
  • Integrate your learnings after 4 weeks of microdosing and redefine your personal cosmovision (worldview)
  • Conversation circle: Retrospective of the experience grounded in the ancestral, supportive, scientific and analytical approaches


Closing session after the conclusion of the 4th microdosing week.
  • Create your personal integration map
  • Next steps: The path towards becoming a microdosing facilitator
  • Reflections and final meditation

Program overview

Program details
For whom
Who’s eligible for this program?
You (1) wish to experience a guided microdosing journey, (2) are willing to provide peer-support to another participant during the program, (3 – not required) are looking to facilitate microdosing processes for others in the future or to dedicate yourself professionally to other roles in this field (e.g. research)
Program goal
What will you achieve through this program?
(1) You will have worked a deep guided process of personal development by microdosing together with other participants, (2) you will have gained embodied learning of the fundamental aspects of microdosing, and (3) if you aspire to incorporate microdosing into your professional offerings, you will have been trained in basic skills for future certification as a facilitator or professional working in this field.
Video classes
You will receive educational video content that is essential for the preparation and integration of your microdosing process.
Up to 6 hours in total
Live sessions
Once a week you will have a live group session with the staff and other participants to share and integrate what you have learned and experienced.
6 sessions of 2.5 hours on Saturdays 16.00 – 18.30 Central European Time
Assignments & 1:1 Support sessions
Outside of the classes and live sessions, you will have an assigned facilitator to help you get the most out of your experience. You will also be assigned a partner-guide that will support you and you will offer support to. You will be assigned exercises and activities for self-reflection, analysis and practical work.
Approx. 15 hours in total (2.5 hours weekly during 6 weeks)
1) You receive weekly 1:1 facilitation from the team
2) You receive weekly peer-to-peer guidance from your assigned program partner
3) You offer peer-to-peer guidance to your assigned partner
Additional support
Microdosing often opens up spaces of vulnerability and deep learning. Should you require specialized support and containment beyond the offerings of this program, we provide additional coaching with our facilitation team, and if needed, referral to a specialized therapist (at own cost).
As needed
Total time investment
Approx. 42 hours
(during 6 weeks)
€ 947 EUR
£ 793 GBP $ 1033 USD1302 CAN or convert to your currency
Cancellation policy
We  understand that sometimes, life creates unforeseen circumstances. Should you have to cancel your attendance, we support you in the following ways.
Up to 10 days before the program starts: Refund – 10% (after VAT) processing fees, or transfer your attendance to a future program at no cost* (or discount equivalent to the paid amount)
In final 10 days before the program starts:  Transfer to a future program free of charge* (or discount equivalent to the paid amount); or 50% refund (after VAT).
Cancelation during the program: No refund
Continuity after the program
At the end of the program, you can choose to continue with a process of guided microdosing and/or start with your training to become a Certified Microdosing Coach or Professional. More information available soon
If you performed well in your basic competencies as a facilitator and professional, you will be able to access the  Certification Training for Microdosing Professionals, which will enable you to provide microdosing facilitation, and you will be able to offer these programs in your area or country.


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