1.              Substance

Dried psilocybin mushrooms

2.              Reason for undertaking a microdosing experiment

After a tough few years where I lost my job due to a reorganization and my attempt at starting my own business failed, I began to look around for something to help me rebuild my confidence and improve my mood.  I didn’t want to take prescription medication.  I tried Ayahuasca in January 2017, which I found an interesting, if heavy experience.  Having read about the benefits of microdosing, I decided to give it a go. I bought a magic mushroom growing kit from a local smart shop.

3.              Goals

My goals were to improve my creativity and to help me think more positively and clearly.

4.              A typical day

I take 0.3g dried mushrooms in the morning, which I have been doing on-and-off two times a week since March 2017. I take it in capsules.  The first few times I microdosed, I felt a bit jittery for an hour or so but after that I felt quite normal.

I didn’t really notice any immediate results. Gradually though, after a few weeks, I began to see an improvement in my mood.  I felt more positive and eager to try new challenges.  My relationship with family and friends improved.  I felt more engaged with people – more empathetic.  An unexpected bonus was that my wine-o’clock habit has reduced significantly and I am more in control of my alcohol consumption now.

A possible downside is that it took me a while to realize when I was in flow-state and I could sometimes become a bit manic.  Now that I am aware of the feeling, I can channel it into positive, creative activities.

I’ve heard some people say that microdosing feels like a brain re-boot and I would agree with that.  In my opinion, psychedelics reinforce good brain function, something that many indigenous cultures seem to be well aware of.

I am very happy that I started microdosing!



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