Microdosing Podcast w/ Shauheen Etminan and Jonathan Lu – Microdosing Traditions from Asia and the Middle East


In this episode we speak with Jonathan Lu and Shauheen Etminan, the co-founders of Vcenna, as they take us on a journey through the historical context and societal stigma surrounding religion. We discuss their personal experiments with psychoactive substances and the advantages they might offer, including heightened consciousness and even telepathic experiences. We also spotlight the practice of microdosing and its potential to amplify emotional awareness, all without the vivid hallucinations often associated with psychedelics. The duo emphasizes the significance of intentionality in this pursuit.  Furthermore, Jonathan and Shauheen generously share their personal revelations from the world of lucid dreaming and express their genuine excitement for the uncharted territories these compounds might unlock in the exploration of diverse states of consciousness.

About Jonathan and Shauheen

Jonathan Lu and Shauheen Etminan are the co-founders of VCENNA, a drug discovery company that creates mental wellness solutions from psychoactive plants used ceremonially in Ancestral Eastern traditions. We will be speaking about their MAGI ANCESTRAL supplements, based on a legal ingredient called Syrian Rue. They developed different formulas: one is for microdosing, and others to enhance sleep, lucid dreaming, and meditation.

Jonathan is an engineer that has been studying 2000 year old Chinese texts in search of compounds, formulations, and rituals that have been lost to history. His team applies modern neurophysiological and computational tools to understand scientifically what our ancestors discovered millennia ago, and from which they developed the nootropic formulations for Magi Ancestral Supplements.

Shauheen Etminan is an intuitive activator, inventor, and passionate founder dedicated to creating impactful products and platforms embodying wellness, abundance, authenticity, and reciprocity. With a track record spanning multiple industries, his focus on psychedelics for mental health and cognitive growth aligns with his personal journey and mission as an autotelic entrepreneur.

Microdosing Table Talk Episode 29

  • Jonathan explains what he does for work to a 9-year old
  • Beta Carbolines and Syrian Rue
  • Who is Avicenna?
  • Haoma or Soma, what is it?
  • The earliest account of psychoactives use in the Zoroastrian religion (the Book of Arda Viraf)
  • Making the vast amount of documented ancient wisdom accessible and applicable in modern life
  • What should every microdoser know about these compounds?
  • How can we learn about and embrace ancestral practices?
  • The difference between dreaming, lucid dreaming and meditative dream states
  • A call to all microdosers to document experiences and share them with the community

Disclaimer: Microdosing Institute is an information platform and a community with the sole purpose of providing education on microdosing. We do not encourage the illegal use of psychedelics. Even though we discuss the many benefits of microdosing, we do not claim that microdosing is proven effective as a medicine, medicinal aid or supplement, or that it could be seen as a replacement for conventional therapies or medicines.

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