Microdosing podcast /w Natasja Pelgrom — Sacredness and Leadership in the Psychedelic Space

In this riveting conversation with Dutch-Portugese facilitator and mentor Natasja Pelgrom we go far beyond the obvious, uncovering the oftentimes paradoxical reality of facilitating sacred ceremony while embodying personal learnings.

About Natasja

Natasja Pelgrom is a visionary leader and mystical mentor who leads spiritual journeys, she is the founder of AWAKEN THE MEDICINE WITHIN, offering retreats and education, supporting people with psycho-spiritual approaches since 2017. Natasja is a highly intuitive guide and has held training, assisting, and facilitation roles in over 800 psychedelic ceremonies. Natasja’s multifaceted mentorship approach is paired with 20+ years of entrepreneurial experience. She currently advises and supervises executives in the (psychedelic) wellness industry. Natasja is also a mentor to leaders, coaches, therapists, and healers where she focuses on the mind & heart coherence to prosper in their services.

Microdosing Table Talk Episode 17

In this episode:

    • A little bit about Natasja’s childhood
    • Teaching and mentoring throughout Natasja’s career
    • What is sacred ceremony?
    • The shaman as a cleaner
    • Becoming a psychedelic facilitator
    • Embodied wisdom versus regular (cognition-based) education
    • The 5-MeO DMT experience
    • Why going inward is THE key to personal growth
    • Key ways to integrate psychedelic experiences
    • Psychedelic paradoxes
    • Tobacco medicine
    • Natasja’s Preparation and Integration program, inspired by herbalism

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