Microdosing podcast w/ Dennis Walker, Mycopreneur — Microdosing, Education and Humor as a Superpower

“Confusion is the greatest form of communication”. This quote by Salvador Dalí inspires Mycopreneur as he serves the psychedelic space daily doses of reflection through humor and confusion. His satirical media platform Mycopreneur (similar to the Onion) offers a good laugh and uncovers some of the hidden dynamics at play while psychedelics are going mainstream.

About Dennis Walker – Mycopreneur

Dennis Walker is a satirist, journalist, and puppeteer who has recently pivoted into the psychedelic space after watching How to Change Your Mind on Netflix. He was immediately inspired to launch a psychedelic-focused brand, and used half of his earnings from a successful Cirque du Soleil knock off freak show in Eastern Europe to hire a world class PR Agency in LA to help cultivate an air of authority in the psychedelic renaissance. He now regularly lectures and goes on podcasts, and is hoping to strike it rich when psychedelics become the new cannabis.

Microdosing Table Talk Episode 25

  • The value of Dennis’ early experiences with mushrooms
  • The ‘museum dose’  Microdosing and working out
  • Microdosing as a way to help with patterns and bad habits 
  • Dennis advocates for not only medicalized offerings, but also the recreational use of psychedelics
  • The pitfall of looking for answers outside of yourself
  • Why the ‘psychedelic renaissance’ should focus more on education 
  • What is satire, and why does Dennis create it?
  • Challenging the image of the white healer, the white capitalist, the white scientist
  • The ‘overnight shaman’
  • Foreign owned retreat centers
  • Creating healthy debate
  • Humor as a superpower

Disclaimer: Microdosing Institute is an information platform and a community with the sole purpose of providing education on microdosing. We do not encourage the illegal use of psychedelics. Even though we discuss the many benefits of microdosing, we do not claim that microdosing is proven effective as a medicine, medicinal aid or supplement, or that it could be seen as a replacement for conventional therapies or medicines.

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