Microdosing Podcast met Microhuasca founders, Álvaro Zárate & Adolfo Schmitt — Ayahuasca Microdosing and the 50 Elements of Integration

Microhuasca is a Peruvian organisation that facilitates microdosing programs with ayahuasca for people who want to microdose and professionals. Dr. James Fadiman recognizes them as one of the leading voices in the microdosing movement – he introduced us, and we have been exchanging knowledge, methods and experience ever since.

Introducing Microhuasca founders Alvaro Zárate and Adolfo Schmitt

Álvaro Zárate is the co-founder of Microhuasca and of Cosmovision, a nonprofit that unites psychedelics professionals to create and execute initiatives in community. Before, he served for 10 years as one of the forerunners of the startup movement in Peru, where he helped build responsible founders and incubators for Latin America.

Adolfo Schmitt is co-founder and director of operations of Microhuasca, forestry engineer, researcher and conservationist of Andean Amazonian biodiversity for more than a decade, including amazonian medicinal fungi. He is now committed entirely to the investigation of medicinal and master plants. Microhuasca has been part of the developing team of our 6-week microdosing psilocybin program, and we are grateful for their knowledge and guidance in developing helpful tools and framework that serve our participants and team during these fungi-assisted micro journeys.

With the founding team at Microhuasca – which includes a curandero based in the Peruvian Amazon, a medicine woman specialized in coaching and a transpersonal psychologist – they offer ayahuasca microdosing programs to an international audience. These programs have seen hundreds of participants, who’ve undergone deep journeys of self-discovery and healing. Over the past years, the team has identified 50 elements that influence people’s microdosing processes: the 50 elements of integration. These elements include for example: attitude, commitment, peer-support, professional support, intention, dose, worldview, sleep quality, excercise, nature-connection, etc. Studying these elements in-depth and consciously contrasting them with the microdosers’ perceived benefits and challenges, empowers both microdosers and professional facilitators in their efforts to achieve truly successful microdosing journeys.

In this article, they offer further insight into how anyone, microdoser or professional, can work with these 50 elements to amplify the benefits of a microdosing journey.

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Microdosing Table Talk Episode 6

In this microdosing podcast with Microhuasca founders, Álvaro Zárate and Adolfo Schmitt, we are fortunate to gain their perspective and wisdom on many topics including:

  • The most important difference between microdosing ayahuasca and taking it in ceremonial doses
  • Reasons why people microdose with ayahuasca
  • Different ways to understand healing; from traditional to Western modern perspectives and how they influence each other
  • Scientific findings on ayahuasca: neurogenesis and neuroprotection
  • How to get the most out of your microdosing journey with ayahuasca
  • Why work with peer support and/or professional support
  • How to microdose ayahuasca: dosing, protocol, dieta
  • The role of additional practices, such as meditation, nature-connection and music/sound
  • What it means for Alvaro and Adolfo to be involved in building a more collaborative psychedelic space

Work with Microhuasca

For professionals in the microdosing field:


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