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Microdosing San Pedro (mescaline) Research Study

San Pedro

Conducted by: Neuropsychology and Psychopharmacology; Maastricht University

Team Microdosing.nl is proud to present a new Microdosing Research project in collaboration with the University of Maastricht. In this Research project, we will study the teacher plant: San Pedro Cactus on mental wellbeing and memory.

The University of Maastricht has started a study regarding the effects of San Pedro (Mescaline) microdosing on mental wellbeing and memory. For this study, we seek males and females who intend to start microdosing with mescaline on own initiative. The UVM does not provide substances for this study!

Online Study

This Micrododosing San Pedro study is conducted online. Before the start of microdosing we want you to fill in some questionnaires about your wellbeing, and perform a computerized memory task on your laptop or computer. On the days you microdose, you are asked to keep track of your experience in an online diary with questionnaires using an app on your phone. At the end of a 4 week period of microdosing (or when you decide to stop), we ask you to fill in some questionnaires and perform the memory task again. You will not receive any remuneration or reward for participation.

We are not encouraging people to microdose. Participants will have to take part based on their own initiative and they will have to use their own substance. Our intention is to observe people who already use psychedelics and to allow them to make their self-experimentation scientifically more meaningful by participating in this San Pedro Study.

Purpose of the Study

The present study explores the effects of microdosing with San Pedro (mescaline) on mental wellbeing and memory. Several internet fora discuss positive effects on mental wellbeing and increased focus when microdosing with this substance. However, these reports are subjective, scientific data containing measurements on these effects of microdosing with mescaline is lacking to date. We, therefore, want to capture these effects with measurements that are used in the scientific field. The information we gather with this study can be of value in order to start placebo-controlled experimental studies to further explore the effects.

Selection participation

Participants need to have had previous experience with a psychedelic prior to participation of this study. We have chosen to include participants who intend to start microdosing with mescaline on their own initiative. Your participation is completely voluntary and you have the right to decline and withdraw your consent and leave the study at any time without having to give a reason.


Your participation will last no longer than 4 weeks (depending on your own microdosing schedule). Because we would like to test the effect of microdosing with mescaline on your well-being and functioning, we will make one measurement prior to the start of microdosing and one measurement after 4 weeks of microdosing (or when you stopped microdosing) via an online link. Furthermore, we also ask you to keep track of a diary on the days you microdose via an app.


We want to ask you to reflect on your participation in this scientific study BEFORE you start microdosing with mescaline. If you decide to participate, you can continue to the informed consent form.

Pre- and post- measurement

Both PRIOR to microdosing and AFTER 4 weeks of microdosing we ask you to fill in some questionnaires and perform a short working memory task on your laptop or computer.

Requirements of the study

  • The Microdosing San Pedro study will be in English
  • There is no age limit for participation
  • You will need a computer or Smartphone for installing the tracking app you will be using.
  • You need to have experience with psychedelics
  • You will need to obtain your substance yourself.

Want to Participate?

In case you would like to participate and start right away, please click this link below :

For more information about the study and how to use the tracking app, you can send an email: fpn-epuonderzoek120@maastrichtuniversity.nl

Tracking App mEMA

For this study you can choose between using a tracking app, which you have to install on your phone, or simply by filling in a questionary on your computer.

Microdosing San Pedro Cactus? How?

Don’t know how to prepare San Pedro Cactus for microdosing? Check out the microdosing.nl page on how to prepare San Pedro here.

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3 gedachten over “Microdosing San Pedro (mescaline) Research Study”

  1. Justin van den Berg

    Ik ga binnekort zelf San pedro microdoseren en wellicht hebben jullie iets aan mijn bevindingen. Ik ben zeker bereid hierover een report te schrijven op de dagen dat ik een microdosering neem.

    Ik hoor graag wat ik ervoor moet doen!

  2. I am 61 years old and having some respiratory issues that I think will respond well to the microdozing I do have medical staff on hand who monitors me several times a week and I also managed myself daily so I feel completely safe in participating in the study

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